Now Banking Outsourcing is a globally accepted fact that the methodology which decreases cost, enlarging banking range and optimizing the respective revenues. Banking Outsourcing consists of an summation of onsite as well as offshore delivery capacities, which grow to higher level based on the geographical and business priorities. Offshore outsourcing and Bank Outsourcing companies, freelancers and consultants can market their services more effectively and get marked quick. Buyers and companies who require outsourcing services or offshore developers and Bank Outsourcing use service to find solutions quickly and easily. Outsourcing compliance provides various powerful benefits, including more efficient use of internal possessions, reduced staff workload, lower fixed costs, better risk protection, and full regulatory compliance and reporting.

1) Check Processing Services
2) Commercial Card Services
3) Consumer Card Services
4) Consumer Loan Services
5) Contact Center Outsourcing Services
6) Convenience Pay Services
7) Insurance Notification Clearinghouse Services
8) Merchant Acquirer Services
91) Unified Communications Services

Banks offer almost all payment services and a bank account is considered necessary by main businesses, personals and governments. Non-banks that offer payment services such as remittance companies are not commonly supposed an enough substitute for having a bank account.

Banks divided into retail banking, agreement directly with individuals and small businesses. Business banking, offering services to mid-market business, corporate banking, managed at large business entities. Private banking, offering wealth management services to high net worth individuals and families and investment banking, relating to activities on the financial markets. Most banks are benefit making, private enterprises. However, some are perated by government, or are non benefit organizations.

Types of retail banks:

1) Commercial bank.
2) Community Banks.
3) Community development banks.
4) Postal savings banks.
5) Private banks.
6) Savings bank.

Types of investment banks:

1) Investment banks.
2) Merchant banks.

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